Cuba - Marc De Brée

Cuba – Marc De Brée

Cuba 2006 Photography: Marc De Brée Location: Cuba

Myanmar 2011 - Kurt Drubbel

Myanmar 2011 – Kurt Drubbel

Mission Myanmar // 02/2011: At the beginning of 2011 photographer/videographer Kurt Drubbel joined the See & Smile medical team for the first time. He traveled with them to Monywa/Myanmar, attempting to bring their activities into frame by sticking close to them at all times. This way he managed to gather a series of touching photographs […]

Libyan Sahara Desert trek - Kurt Drubbel

Libyan Sahara Desert trek – Kurt Drubbel

An 8 day walkabout through the Libyan Sahara Desert with equaly minded friends and one photographer. Traveling from Tripoli to Sabha by plane, from Sabha to the middle of the Sahara by jeep and on foot from there to Ghât near the Algerian border. We only carried what we needed, drank water only and slept […]