Portraits – Arne Loccufier

Portaying a variety of famous people with moustaches.
Graduation portfolio for aspireing make-up artists led by Jean-Paul Pollet at PIHS Ghent.

Photographer: Arne Loccufier
Models: Dirk Demeulemeester, Luc Carrette, Werner Buyze, John Doe, Pieter Huybrechts, Sammy Lievens, Pieter Bijl
MUA: Elke Demeulemeester, Véronique Verstraeten, Annie Vandegehuchte, Heidi Willemsens, Leila Vandecasteele, Lieze Messiaen, Zoë Verresen
Grime: Jean-Paul Pollet
Location: PIHS, Ghent, Belgium

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