Join Me In Death – Dirk Janssens

Join Me In Death by Dirk Janssens.

Dirk Janssens, Gent, 1963

I can neither draw nor paint, can not sing or master any instrument. Have two left hands to sculpt.
Cooking I did ​​years ago, before the big hype. Professionally later. Tiring and stressful.

Yet I need to express my creativity.
All that was left is photography. Anyone can do it … I thought.

It took me years of playing with all kinds of cheap or  vintage cameras and development techniques to find my own style.

I was selected several times for the PhotoView exhibitions, organized by the CVB (Center for Image Expression).
Partly because of this I was asked to participate in the 2008 3-yearly Photo Event.
Last year I succeeded to exhibit at the Brussels Bozar gallery thanks to the  Canvas Collection.