Libyan Sahara Desert trek – Kurt Drubbel

An 8 day walkabout through the Libyan Sahara Desert with equaly minded friends and one photographer.

Traveling from Tripoli to Sabha by plane, from Sabha to the middle of the Sahara by jeep and on foot from there to Ghât near the Algerian border.
We only carried what we needed, drank water only and slept under an open sky.
During one of our last walking days we celebrated new years eve singing nomad songs and toasting our semi-cold metal cups of water to the new year.
We also were unaware riots would break out shortly after our stay there.

An amazing adventure to say the least.

Photographer: Kurt Drubbel
Alias: Noctiluxx
Location: Sahara Desert, Libya

These images and my other work is available at iStockphoto / Getty Images